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Cyberzeus Shield

Protect your company's assets before cyber crime with our high-end solution

Cybercriminals are becoming ever more sophisticated, capable of successfully bypassing existing protection and exposing every area of your business to risk. Protect your web servers, applications and critical infrastructure before cyber crime that include data breaches, cyber attacks and encryption worms with daily performance reports.

  • Powerful protection from zero-day vulnerabilities.

    Cyberzeus Shield Technology is state of the art framework, that helps for identifying any common threat, any latest, unknown or programming mistakes as defined by OWASP. Critical infrastructure whose assets, systems, and networks, whether physical or virtual are considered most sensitive within organization. Cyberzeus Shield find and assist in protecting threats in web application, networks, and web firewalls for your online servers and workstations against common threats and advanced complex attacks.

  • Efficient in handling threats.

    Cyber Zeus Cyberzeus Shield helps for time needed for initial evidence collection, provides supreme telemetry analysis and maximizes the automation of Threat Analysis processes, cutting overall response times from hours to minutes. The solution enables advanced threat discovery across any defined server or workstation giving a complete view of history for investigative and regulatory purposes. It also provides a timestap data during an attack.

  • Efficient in handling compliance.

    Recognizing the importance of TTP analysis in complex threat attack simulationand the role of MITRE ATT&CK in the security market today:

    Cyberzeus Shield follow security ruleset by MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation Scenarios, enable organizations without a sophisticated red team to still execute the attack simulation, carefully analysing threats.

Suitable For

Organizations that look for compliance based protection solutions for maximum protectiong against any known exploit, vulnerabilities, encryption worms, post based attacks or data breaches with daily report of performanceCyberzeus Shield help IT security experts in finding vulnerabilities and protecting system to maximum.

In Use

  • Enhanced threat hunting protection process

    Cyberzeus Shield enable novice or I.T. professional for protecting against threats by using threat protection algorithms. The protection process is enhanced with unique Indicators of Attack with ATT&CK mapping that helps blocking tactics and techniques of real intruders in real-time!

  • Guided view for faster, more accurate response

    Quality and speed of threat hunting is Key Performance Indicators commonly applied to today’s IT Security Departments. Our fast, accurate threat blocking features for infrastructures, networks, web applications and firewall gives best results. No more costly additional resources needed!

  • A complete suite for threat blocking and protection

    Cyberzeus Shield Technology, providing core algorithms for blocking all-in-one APT related attacks and simulation, network-level, advanced threat blocking capabilities — all through the single solution!

Cyber Zeus: Security Suites Application Comparison

  Cyberzeus Shield F5 BIG-IP ASM Fortinet FortiWeb Citrix Netscaler Application Firewall Barracuda Web Application Firewall Support Center Service

Small Size Infrastructure

 Deployment Type  Cloud or On-Premises  On-Premises  Cloud or On-Premises  Cloud or On-Premises  On-Premises  Cloud or On-Premises
Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment  
Scan Scheduling  
Compliance Checks
Malware Detection  
Threat Intelligence  
Web Application Scanning  
SCADA Plugins  
Sensitive Data Searches  
SSL off-loader          

Medium Size Infrastucture

load balancer          
Container Image Vulnerability Assessment, Malware Detection, & Continuous Monitoring        
WAF functions          
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)          
Hidden field manipulation    
Cookie poisoning    
Centralized Scan & Scan Policy Management  
Web scraping  
Layer 7 DoS attacks    
Parameter tampering  
Buffer overflow  
Backdoor or Debug options  
Stealth commanding  
Forced browsing      
Third-party misconfigurations      
Site vulnerabilities / SQL injections      
PHP Coding Vulnerabilities Detection      
PHP Coding Vulnerabilities OWASP TOP 10        
Host Activity Monitoring and Analytics        
Near Real-Time Anomalous Behavior Detection and Analysis        

Cyberzeus Shield Sophisticated Threat Blocking Technology

Advanced threat hunting and discovery technology that help SOC teams to deal with security challenges:

  • Scan

    Slow threat blocking and discovery leading to session splicing technique for real time intruder attack

  • Scan

    Attacks on the supply chain as well as from trusted sources can easily penetrate the corporate perimeter

  • Scan

    A lack of centralized, correlated context hinders visibility and can allow incidents to go undetected by corporate security

  • Scan

    Non-malware attacks, like social engineering and credentials theft, are hidden from traditional security solutions which rely on malicious pattern detection

  • Scan

    Manual or non-specialized IT-related responses to issues like reimaging, blacklisting, broken connections, etc. as a result of an cyber crime activity

  • Scan

    Highly motivated cybercriminal gangs use unique and previously unknown methods against enterprises protected by traditional, widely used prevention technologies

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