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Scylla Vulnerability Assessment Framework


  • Accurate vulnerabilities scans
  • Outputs minimal false-positives
  • Automated risk prioritization
  • Mitigation technical fixes
  • Standards fixation, flexible, configurable
  • Provides reports and zero day attack analysis
  • First step to stop cyber criminals
  • securing Infrastructural Information Gathering Leakage (IIGL)
  • Centralized user management support for station Automation and Local Operations
    Remote access and state of the art security concepts for your organization protection


    Operational security

  • Standardized patch management
  • Contribution in the creation of international
  • Security standards: NIST 800-53/171, ISO 27k, CMMC
  • Secure development process
  • Power everything relating to cyber security
  • Ease of USE

  • Vulnerability assessments Microsoft OS Scanning Application vulnerabilities Scan Adobe
  • Vulnerabilities Scan Web Application Scan
  • Easy to read Report

  • Our expertise and services: for services into the future

    Cyber Security: Significance Problem. A lack of focus on cyber security can damage your business in range of ways

    Economic costs: Theft of intellectual property, corporate of information, for the government documents, disruption in trading and the cost of repairing damaged systems.

    Reputational costs: Loss of consumer trust, loss of current and future customers to competitors

    Regulatory costs: GDPR and other data breach laws mean that your organization could suffer from regulatory fines or cybercrimes

    SCYLLA is better than it's competitiors!

  • Zero day Attack Defense using CVE
  • Zero day Attack Defense using VULN
  • Zero day attack defense using SCORE
  • Zero day attack defense using BUGTRAQ
  • Easy to integrate third database for Vulnerabilities Account scanning tools

  • It scans and detects system weaknesses in computers, networks and the servers and the websites to audit vulnerabilities and countermeasures, inspect potential points of exploit on a computer or network to identify security holes

    Dependable services

    Whether your automation and IT infrastructure is well-established or newly designed, it is unique. We offer software and firm update services and using our tool using actively inform for new security vulnerabilities and security updates that are automatic integrate and update

    Vulnerability Assessments & Countermeasures

    It is automated tool that can scan web applications, normally from outside to look for security vulnerabilities such as Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Command Injection, Path Traversal and Insecure Server Configuration. We offer our customer a quick incident response plan and help businesses that don't have the tools in place to protect themselves

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