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Manage Your Network

Springbok enables you to understand the compliance audit needs for your organization to protect firewalls, switches, and routers, simply discovering vulnerabilities and configuration issues and converting data into a human-readable format from firewalls, switches, and routers.

We are consistently innovating to protect and harden out clients’ network appliances to maximum compliance and security. Our security controls undergo routine monitoring and auditing by third parties and internal compliance teams for design and operational effectiveness.

Audit Every Device Accurately, Every Time!

Audits: Firewalls | Switches | Routers 

Analyzing the configurations and interactions of your network infrastructure with the expertise of a skilled penetration tester and investigating false positives of non-compliance is a time-consuming process, which also involves human error. Springbok enables you to dedicate your valuable resources to analyzing and prioritizing fixes by providing:

  • - Visibility of actual network vulnerabilities including existing false-negatives
  • - Significantly fewer false-positives to investigate
  • - Automated risk prioritization
  • - Precise remediation with exact technical fixes
  • - Flexible, configurable easy to read reports

Custom Audits

• Device Security


• Reports


• Fix Integrations


• Technical Fixes


• Mitigation

Our software helps you accurately identify risks in your network infrastructure and provides precise remediation, including command-line fixes. You can customize Springbok's best practice audits or analyze your networks using ‘out of the box’ industry compliance standards (such as the STIG, CIS, PCI DSS benchmarks).

Try it now on your own devices and see how Cyber Zeus helps you to achieve a secure future.